What Esenta does for you

Esenta connects to your home network and sends real-time notifications to your smartphone or tablet whenever a visitor is at your door.
Using the Esenta app, you can watch a video stream from Esenta's high-resolution wide-angle camera and talk to your visitor via two-way audio communication.
Esenta can alert you on your phone if someone rings your bell or if the motion sensor detects movement. Esenta can be connected to your electric door opener so you can open the door remotely. With Esenta you always stay in touch with your own home.

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Technical Details

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Fingerprint reader (capacitive measuring method) memorizes up to 100 unique prints


PIR sensor for detecting people in the vicinity. Brightness sensor for controlling the display backlight, acceleration sensor for sabotage detection


Ethernet 10/100BASE-T, WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, BT 4.0


3x potential-free switching contacts (freely adjustable)


Via web or smartphone app

Power supply

Input voltage: 12V to 60V DC, compatible with passive PoE, power consumption: 4-6 watts

How does Esenta contribute towards the security of my home?

Esenta helps you increase the security of your home by always keeping an eye on your doorstep - if you wish, Esenta can notify you of movements in the vicinity via push messages to your smartphone, tablet or via Email. It can take images of anyone approaching your door, archive them and make them immediately available to you. With our app, you can watch a live stream of your entrance at any time or browse the event record.

How does Esenta increase your comfort?

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Ease of use

You can change the settings at any time via an easy-to-use web or smartphone app, all without getting up from your chair. Change your nameplates without having to look for your screwdriver.

Increased security

The integrated PIR sensor detects movements in its vicinity and creates either an image or a video, which can then be sent directly to your smartphone or by email.

Individual access control

Esenta can be used to precisely control the access of individuals. Do you expect craftsmen in the house? Give them access through one of the supported authentication methods and limit access to a specific day or time frame. With Esenta it is possible to keep track of people entering and exiting your home in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Esenta be integrated into old buildings?
Yes, it can. If you connect Esenta to your WiFi network, all you need is a two wire-cable for the power supply. You can also reuse the cables which supported your old doorphone. If you prefer not to connect via WiFi, an Ethernet cable is necessary.

Does Esenta have night vision?
Yes, Esenta is equipped with a ring of infrared LEDs which illuminate the cameras field of view when it is too dark.

What are the dimensions of the door phone?
The outer shell measures 260x115x30mm.

Is a WiFi connection necessary to setup or run Esenta?
No, you can also use a cable to connect the door phone to your home network

Is Esenta weather and waterproof?
Yes, Esenta adheres to the IP standard for dust and water protection.

Does Esenta support WPA2?
Yes, WPA2 is supported.

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